November 2020
New product updates for November, 2020. We hope you love what you see!

November 10, 2020

New Features

Container Logs During Deployment
You may have viewed a deployment of your application and clicked on one of the green task bars to view details on what was being deployed. Previously there was very little information on what was happening unless there was an error. We now show the container logs for both kubernetes jobs and deployments when you click into see details

Enhanced Docker Compose Support

Release has always supported using docker-compose as a blueprint for your application. We have recently added support for many of the newer features in compose:
  • Support for "long syntax" directives in docker-compose version 3
    • Including ports, volumes, secrets and configs
  • Added support for "protocol" on ports
  • Pre-processing of compose to inject environment variables from .env files and build args
  • Setting of default build args in Release from compose "build" stanzas
  • Support for analyzing Dockerfiles for "EXPOSE" when ports are not defined in compose
  • Better translation of compose "entrypoint" and "command" to kubernetes
Take a look at our Docker Compose Conversion Support document for more details.

Custom Environment Handles for URL Resource Pools

Users now have the ability to enter a key word that will generate an environment handle. This unique handle is used to generate customized resource pools that can be checked out by ephemeral environments. When an environment checks out a resource pool, the unique handle will appear in the hosted url. This can help your team identify and distinguish between all the various environments created in Release.
A pool of 5 environment handles

Account Management | Team Member Removal

Teams can change, members come and go, but the show must go on! If you need to adjust your team roster, you can detach a member from your account. The member will still retain their Release account.
Remove team member button on the right side

Button Purging

You may have noticed less buttons inside the app, replaced with friendly blue links. Release has standardized the way we do buttons: Buttons are reserved for actions, links are reserved for navigation. We've also labeled all external links with an outbound icon to keep you from guessing what sort of link you're looking at!

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

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