Create An Ephemeral Environment
{% swagger-response status="404" description="If an App cannot be found with the given app_id, a Not Found will be returned. {"error": "Could not find app with id 0"}If a User cannot be found to authenticate either from the committer email or from the App's owner, a Not Found will be returned. {"error": "No user found"}" %}
{"error": "message"}
The following is an example payload with images stored in ECR
"app_id": 1,
"branch": "auth_test",
"services": {
"web": "",
"sidekiq": ""
"committer": "[email protected]",
"commit_message": "testing_message",
"commit_date": "2020-04-10 13:27:16 -0700",
"commit_short": "9106aa5",
"commit_long": "9106aa52e16981a062676f0f5cf7a0ce3ebf00c0",
"logs": [{level: "info", message: "testing"}, {level: "info", message: "the api"}],
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