Datadog is a monitoring and analytics tool for information technology (IT) and DevOps teams that can be used to determine performance metrics as well as event monitoring for infrastructure and cloud services. Features include real-time distributed tracing for your applications, monitor security and compliance posture in your cloud environment, as well as monitoring your services such as servers, databases, networks, and other tools. Datadog collects metrics and allows you to quickly search, filter and analyze logs to help troubleshoot any issues you may encounter. We leverage Datadog here at ReleaseHub with great success and can recommend it if you want full insight into your applications.
We have used Datadog to troubleshoot slow applications, just to find that the issue lies in the database instead of the application code itself. Datadog also offers end-to-end user troubleshooting by providing the ability to playback sessions.
If you are interested in implementing Datadog into your applications, please speak to your TAM.
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