Add Datasets
Create production data replicas for accurate testing on your environments

Add Datasets

Instant Datasets can be added to your account so that your environments can access seed data that may simulate a real production environment. This feature is available with professional accounts. For more information on how to properly set up an instant dataset, refer to the detailed documentation on the Instant Datasets page which covers setting up everything in AWS and how to modify your Application Template.
What follows is how Release functions on this page.
Clicking on the Create Dataset button will open a modal form to fill out.
Empty Dataset Creation Form
Release will provide the cluster and the available snapshots you can pick from, the other fields are at your discretion to fill in.
Filled in Dataset Creation Form
After completing the form you can view your dataset. It will be pending until the RDS instances are available.
View the Datasets Created for Your Account

Configure the Datasets for an Application

For further information, refer to the Instant Datasets configuration and setup page below.
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Add Datasets