Application Template
How the ReleaseHub Application Template works
ReleaseHub automatically generates an Application Template after the first build of a repository is complete. This is a configuration template that combines directives derived from your docker-compose and smart defaults generated by ReleaseHub.
The Application Template consists of templates for your permanent and ephemeral environments, resources allocated for each service and environment, the services and jobs needed to run your application, and workflows to set up your environments and deploy new code. The contents of this template is mostly auto-generated and requires few or no changes.
All environments created by ReleaseHub will use this template as a starting point to generate environment-specific configuration.

Default configuration

To view and edit the default configuration generated by ReleaseHub in the Application Template, navigate to App Settings from the left-hand sidebar and click the Edit button next to "Application Template".
The environment_templates section in the Application Template describes differences between your ephemeral and permanent templates. You will select one of these when creating an environment.
Example of an Application Template
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