Datadog Agent
Describes the functionality ReleaseHub offers with its Datadog Agent integration as well as how to set it up in ReleaseHub.

Setting up Datadog Agent

Navigate to the Account Settings -> Integrations page
Click Setup on the Datadog card
Enter your Datadog Api Key in the pop up window and click Save.
ReleaseHub will configure Datadog for your current account's clusters along with any other clusters that belong to the current customer account. To rephrase, all of the clusters associated with the current customer account will include Datadog.

Enabling/Disabling Datadog Agent Per Cluster

After you initially set up the Datadog Agent integration, all clusters will have Datadog Agent enabled. To change this, navigate to the Account Settings -> Clusters page (1).
Click Clusters (1) then one of the links to the individual cluster pages (2).
Click on the context for the cluster you'd like to change (2).
You'll now be on the cluster's page. On the sidebar, you may enable or disable the Datadog Agent by clicking the appropriate button.
Enable Datadog Agent button
Disable Datadog Agent button
Click Confirm on the confirm dialog that appears. After a moment, navigate to your Datadog Dashboard to make sure the cluster is being monitored (if the agent is enabled) or is no longer being monitored (if the agent is disabled).
Neither the disable nor the enable button will show up on this side bar if you have not setup the Datadog Agent integration (as outlined in these instructions).
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