Slack integration

Describes the functionality ReleaseHub offers with its Slack integration
ReleaseHub integrates with Slack to keep your team informed of events occurring.
Slack integration card
Click on the Setup button to view the integration modal.
Use the Add To Slack button to complete the integration on Slack's website.
Slack configuration options before granting our app permissions
On the Slack website, review the permissions and select a channel for ReleaseHub to post messages. Slack will only allow one channel selection at this time. After completing this step, you'll be redirected to log into Slack so you can see that ReleaseHub has been successfully integrated.
NOTE: The integration page on ReleaseHub will need to be reloaded. After doing so, the updated integration modal can be viewed and the channel section will be editable.
You can configure which channel to receive pull request, build, and deploy notifications. There is an option to only get notifications of failed builds or deploys as well - in case you want to see only failure messages. You can enter the channel name with or without the leading "#".
NOTE: Private slack channels will require explicit invites of our Slack application so we can post and update our posts. If you use a private channel for our notifications, make sure you "/invite @ReleaseHub" into that channel.
Slack configuration options