release builds create
Command reference doc for the Release CLI
Creates a new build for the given branch or tag


If the --wait flag is passed, the command will exit with a non-zero exit code if the build fails.
Only one of --branch or --tag can be specified. If neither is specified, the repository default branch is used.
Any environments configured to auto-deploy that are tracking the build's branch or tag will be deployed when the build completes.
release builds create [flags]


Trigger a build asynchronously:
> release builds create --app backend --branch feature-1234
Wait until the build is completed before exiting and include log output:
> release builds create --app backend --branch feature --wait --verbose
Get build details as JSON:
> release builds create --app backend --wait --verbose -o json > results.json


--account <string>
Account name or ID
--app <string>
App name or ID
--branch <string>
Branch to build
-o, --output <string>
Set the output format (table | json)
--tag <string>
Tag to build
Verbose log output
Wait for build to complete before exiting

Options inherited from parent commands

--config <string>
config file (default is $HOME/.release.yaml)
enable debug logging

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