release clusters exec
Command reference doc for the Release CLI
Runs the given command with the given cluster's Kubernetes and AWS access credentials configured


Runs the given command with the following environment variables set:
  • KUBECONFIG set to a temporary file containg the cluster's Kubernetes config
  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_KEY set to credentials with access to the AWS account
This allows you to execute any locally installed command that respects those variables such as the aws CLI, kubectl, k9s, and many others.
The temporary Kubeconfig file and environment variables will be cleaned up when the command exits.
release clusters exec [FLAGS] -- COMMAND [ARGS...] [flags]


Run `kubectl` with the default cluster:
> release clusters exec -- kubectl get pods --all-namespaces
Run `kubectl` with a specific cluster:
> release clusters exec --cluster staging -- kubectl get pods
Run `aws` with the default cluster's AWS credentials:
> release clusters exec -- aws sts get-caller-identity
Run `k9s` in a specific app environment's namespace:
> release clusters exec --app my-webapp --environment production


--account <string>
Account name or ID
--app <string>
App name or ID
--cluster <string>
Cluster context or ID
--environment <string>
Environment handle or ID

Options inherited from parent commands

--config <string>
config file (default is $HOME/.release.yaml)
enable debug logging

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Options inherited from parent commands