The .release.yaml file

Customize how your application is built and run
ReleaseHub will look for a .release.yaml file to help inform how to build and run your application. The file .release.yaml must be in the root of the repository.

Define the Docker Compose file

Here's how to define the Docker Compose file to use in ReleaseHub:
compose: docker-compose.extended.yml

Define a directory of raw Kubernetes manifests

ReleaseHub allows you to define a directory of raw Kubernetes manifests that will be applied to each namespace. ReleaseHub will adjust the namespace defined in each of the manifests to allow your services to run alongside whatever you have defined in the Kubernetes manifests.
manifests: k8s/manifests

Define the location of your GitOps templates

You can define how to build and deploy your application template and environment variables as discussed in the GitOps page.
application_template: .release/application_template.yaml
environment_variables: .release/environment_variables.yaml