AWS How to Increase EIP Quota

Increasing the VPC Elastic IP (EIP) Quota

AWS charges may be incurred for increased utilisation of quota limits, and you may even need to pay for AWS support in your account if it is not enabled. Please check with your AWS or ReleaseHub sales person if you have any concerns or questions about billing.
For self-hosted customers in AWS, your EKS cluster requires at least one address to be assigned during cluster operation for an outbound NAT Gateway (AWS charges can apply, check with your AWS or ReleaseHub sales person). The cluster and services inside the cluster use the NAT IP as an egress point for all traffic going to the internet. This gateway allows you to monitor, secure, limit, and whitelist traffic that originates from your cluster going towards the internet.
Occasionally, the AWS defaults are set too low; for example, the default for a new account is set to 5 maximum static VPC EIPs, and those can be used up quite quickly. In order to request more, you will need to open an AWS support case. We usually recommend allocating in batches of 5 and most customers will usually request a limit to increase the VPC EIP quota to either 10, 15, or 20 for example.
There are lots of AWS Quotas and they are hard to understand. Further, they are sometimes limited to a particular region. Please ensure you choose the correct limits and region in your request where the cluster resides.
We cannot open tickets to increase limits, quotas, or raise support issues on your behalf, although we are happy to guide you through the process.
To increase the quota for VPC EIP Quotas, refer to the following image. Ensure you are selecting the correct region, limit type, and quota value. The examples provided are for guidance. Pay attention to the areas marked in red.
An example of how to increase AWS EIP Quotas
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