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What is Release?

Release makes it incredibly easy to manage environments so your team can focus on building value for your customers. Release can build environments in our cloud or yours, from the simplest (static javascript) to most complex (microservices with many cloud native dependencies) applications. Release supports production and pre-production environments and every step from code push to environment creation is completely automated. We track your source changes then build new preview environments automatically for every feature, freeing you to focus on the things that matter.
A great way to get started with Release is to create ephemeral environments on every Pull Request to preview changes with stakeholders. Once you're using Release, you'll realize quickly there are many other use-cases, including:
    Cloud based environments with micro-service dependencies that make local micro-service development easy
    Replacing your permanent staging environment infrastructure
    Ephemeral environments to test and preview changes with every PR
    Scalable performance test environments
    Environments for developers to experiment with new infrastructure
    Sales demo environments
    On-demand environments for large migrations and testing
    Production environments based on Kubernetes
When environments are simple to create, your teams will be enabled to move quickly without worrying about environments... ever.
Here you'll find documentation to help you get up and running with Release and explain the major concepts.
Here's how you can get involved with Release:

Why should I use Release?

Wouldn't it be great if your team could focus on building software for your customers without having to spend an endless amount of time managing infrastructure and environments? With Release, all of the management and tooling required to build a flexible environment ecosystem comes out of the box. You just connect your repositories, review your environment template and environment variables and let Release do the rest. You'll deliver higher quality solutions, faster !

Goals of Release

    Eliminate time spent managing environments
    Allow development teams a simple, easy way to reproduce environments for any reason
    Allow for a common, consistent way to define and maintain applications and environments
    Provide the ability to have a parallel environment infrastructure that removes software delivery bottlenecks
    Make developing microservices easy
    Make environments integrate into developer workflows for a delightful developer experience
    Enable DevOps teams to focus on high value work vs building the same tooling over and over again

Release Overview

Getting Started


We've built three examples to show you the range of applications you can create on Release.

Reference Guide

API Documentation

    Release API - Available API to control Release via an API.


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