Just-In-Time File Mounts
Apply configuration file key:value pairs or scripts to a running Docker container.
Release's Just-In-Time File Mounts are subset of Kubernetes Config Map and allow you to add in special configuration files or scripts to any container as it starts running, just before it deploys. The official documentation can be found here. You can add Just-In-Time File Mounts to your Application by going to the App Settings tab and scrolling down to Advanced Settings.
A Just-In-Time File Mount has three required elements and one optional element
  1. 1.
    The file to upload
  2. 2.
    The location to the mount the file in your containers
  3. 3.
    The containers to mount in the file in
  4. 4.
    Whether or not the file should be maintained as a secret
Upload is enabled once a file, mount path, and services have been selected
Once uploaded, a File Mount cannot be edited; if changes need to be made, delete the file and upload a new one. You can review the data in the File Mount if it has not been marked as a secret.
Click the View button to see the data in the File Mount list
File Mount data view
If the File Mount has been marked as a secret, the View button will be disabled.
Secret Just-in-time File Mounts cannot be viewed
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