March 2021

New Features

Web Based Console Access to Containers

Many customers have asked, how can I get shell access to my containers? For self-hosted customers, on the Enterprise plan we were able to provide direct access to the container through k9s.
But even with k9s, there was still a process of installing software, configuring access and learning how to navigate k9s to find the container you want to shell into.
Today we are happy to offer web based console access to any running container regardless of plan, self-hosted or not. The feature allows users in Release with account owner permissions to simply click a button in the Release user interface and gain access to the container.
instances now include "Terminal" button
After the web console has authenticated, you will be able to type commands and interact with the container.
web based terminal console window
We are hoping that users are able to find and debug issues faster, now that they can access the containers directly!

Kubernetes/EKS versions 1.16+ Now Supported

Kubernetes 1.16 introduced some breaking changes from previous versions and Release has done extensive testing to ensure all existing customer applications and Release features work properly for 1.16+. We have now certified 1.16 internally for use with most customers and will be gradually rolling out changes and monitoring any impact to customers as we move forward.
Kubernetes has a default policy of keeping revisions compatible for two minor revisions. Thus, we have implemented an informal policy of keeping all Release and customer clusters within two minor revisions of each other so that everyone can be on known-compatible systems with the latest features and enhancements while not being forced into upgrading when it is not convenient to do so. Thus, we are currently supporting Kubernetes versions 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16. As we upgrade all customers and clusters to at least version 1.15, we can then add version 1.17 as a supported version and move forward from there in a smooth and seamless manner for everyone.

AWS EKS Nodegroups Now Available With Systems Manager (SSM)

Self-hosted customers in Amazon (AWS) will now be able to view, manage, patch, audit, and gain compliance controls around their EKS worker nodes. AWS Systems Manager has powerful features you can use to manage your nodes. Release has begun rolling out new nodegroups with the SSM agent running and SSM-Core IAM permissions enabled by default. This allows for very fine-grained control on asset visibility, inventorying, patch management, compliance auditing, and much more included in SSM. If you are already using SSM, your new nodes will show up and can be grouped with the Release or EKS cluster tags. If you are not using SSM, you can start to get up to speed with using these compliance and management tools in your AWS account at your leisure.
If you are looking for SOC2 or other compliance requirements, SSM can install and manage compliance software objectives for you. Some SSM features have an associated charge for use, but most are free. If you have never used SSM before or only used free-tier services, you should not incur any charges for this agent being enabled. If you already use paid-tier features of SSM, then you might see a few extra charges for the additional nodes. You can exclude your worker nodes (by tag) if you do not want them included.
Let us know if you would like to discuss this feature with us, or if you are going to use it. We'd love to hear feedback from customers!

New 'Team' Plan

We created another pricing plan tier called, Teams, for smaller organizations that are not quite ready to hop into the professional or custom enterprise plans. Teams typically comprise less than 7 users and use about 10 environments, which are charged monthly at $75 each. This plan is tailored for startups or smaller pilot projects within a larger organization.

Need to Clone your App?

It's now possible to clone your app inside ReleaseHub, which essentially duplicates your app, carrying over any default configuration and environment variables. This adds more value to the 'sandbox' developer experience so you can fire up a copy of your app and play around with the configuration settings as needed.

New UI Styling

We are pleased to announce the unveiling of our new color palette and enhanced styling in our App. The new facelift aligns with the launch of our new Landing Page. We hope you love the new experience!

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