.release.yaml File

Customize how your application is built and run

Release will look for a .release.yaml to help inform how to build and run your application. The file .release.yaml must be in the root of the repository.

compose: docker-compose.extended.yml

In this example we define the docker-compose to use in Release

Release also allows you to define a directory of raw kubernetes manifests that will be applied to each namespace. Release will adjust the namespace defined in each of the manifests to allow your services to run along side whatever you have defined in the kubernetes manifests.

manifests: k8s/manifests

In this example we define a directory of raw kubernetes manifests

You can also define a how to build and deploy a static service or a docker container not defined in your docker-compose.

- name: frontend
build_base: my-app
build_command: yarn build
build_output_directory: build
static: true

In this example we define a javascript static build

You might have a docker base image that your docker builds depend on. The .release.yaml allows you to define additional builds that live outside of your docker-compose

- name: base
context: dockerfiles/base
dockerfile: Dockerfile-base
target: web

In this example we build a base docker image that will be used to build other docker images defined in this repository