Build Arguments
Docker Build Arguments & Static Service Environment Variables
This section contains key:value pairs that can be used to initialize a build, depending on whether you are using docker-compose build arguments or static build environment variables (any service that doesn't require a container). For more details on Static Service Deployments visit here.

Scope - Global Account Level or Specific Application Level

The scope for Build Arguments can be global at the account level or specific to a single application. If your build arguments are used on every application then it's best to keep them in the Account Settings under the Builds tab, but if you have secret environment variables that are relevant to a single application only, then you will want to add them in the Application Settings under Advanced Settings so they won't be exposed on other containers. The process is the same whether you add them globally at the account level or at the app scope, with the only difference being which settings you navigate to in Release.

How to navigate to Account Level Build Arguments

Navigate to the Account Settings screen by clicking the sliders icon in the upper right, then find Builds tab.
Build Arguments Setting
Example use-cases might include: API keys for static builds.
Build Arguments Example

How to navigate to Application Level Build Arguments

Navigate to the Application Settings screen, find the Advanced Settings, then toggle open App-Level Build Args. Again, the process of adding variables is the same as above, just different scope.
Navigating to App-Level Build Args under Application Advanced Settings