Change Hostnames
Professional account holders can modify the text and format of any service hostname URL for easier identification purposes
Your service hostname URLs are likely to be shared among your team members for previewing any draft changes. Account owners can customize their service hostnames for better readability, identification, and collaboration.
To change the default hostname, click on "App Settings" in the sidebar. In the Configuration page, click the "Edit" button in the Application Template section.
Application Settings
In the code editor that opens, scroll down until you find the hostnames section in the YAML file.
Hostname example
The default hostname looks something like this:
It starts with the service name, followed by a unique random environment ID (also known as a handle), and ends with the domain variable, consisting of your application name with the extension, for example,
Customize your hostname URLs directly in the code editor by modifying the service name prefix and/or removing the env_id. Click "Save", and the next time you deploy, the custom hostname URL will come into effect.
Note that customizing the hostname URL in this way will effect the default hostname of every other environment that is instantiated from this global default.
If you have a starter account, you will need to leave the domain variable in place so that you can view your environments on the domain.
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